Masseria Moroseta

My time on the blog is relatively sparse these days focused on designing projects but you know I will always pop in to share the things I love most. It would come as no surprise that the moment I saw the beautiful work of Andrew Trotter for Masseria Moroseta, that it was a must share. This spectacular modern farmhouse exudes simple, thoughtful architecture and purposeful pieces to make living easy. The under current of life can be so strong at times, pulling us in a million different directions, often chasing the 'whats next'. When I see homes like this, I cannot help but aspire to own something that allows for that breathing space in a modern yet softly balanced way. 

images by Salva Lopez

vincent holvoet

The work of Vincent Holvoet naturally caught my eye for the minimal approach to design but even more so because he does this incredible job at ensuring the use of many textures and lines in his work. I gazed at this kitchen and dining space for a while imagining the breathing space being infinite. My ability to achieve this zen state is a constant work in progress. With two young kids and a lot of work needed in our home, it's often difficult for me to feel that calm that I so profoundly desire. Every day, a step in the right direction that when I can achieve it completely, I can only imagine, it will be pure bliss. 

the cane chair

I remember growing up, my parents and my grandparents owned these beautiful woven and wicker chairs throughout their respective homes and even at a young age, I had this appreciation for the craftsmanship and detail involved in the making of these beautiful pieces. 

Not new to the design scene but definitely a resurgence I have noticed lately. I love that so many still maintain their original traditional style while others have taken a more modern approach. In either case, the cane chair is such a versatile piece that paired in two's, an entire set at a dining room table or one on it's own, it's classic charm is always evident.

Most notable designer Marcel Breuer, was one of the masters of Modernism and his work lives on through the production of these iconic woven pieces. Other designers and manufacturers have created adaptations and even more so, new takes with a more modern approach. Whether your home has a Ralph Lauren, coastal feel or Scandinavian minimalism, there is a cane chair that will fit perfectly in your space.

I have rounded up a few favorites and where to find them below.  

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hunting lodge no more

I often speak about that balance in design that marries pieces of comfort or traditionalism with modern minimalism. Its often challenging at times to achieve but when done, is entirely superior to a flat or conversely over done space. Much like you, I am sure, the moment I laid eyes on this now private home, I couldn't help but be drawn by the architectural details in the curvature of the ceilings, the moulding's and crisp white walls. Then, just as soon as my eyes drew down, I felt warmth in darker woods and textured sandstone tiles. The kitchen, entirely a space that is so purposeful with only the necessary tools for concocting something exceptionally delicious no doubt. There is something fairytale-esque about this converted hunting lodge that makes me believe many a stories were told and created here.   

photography Johan Delhin

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and tradition

andtradition caught my eye some time ago not only for the beautiful pieces they produce but their overall aesthetic in everything they do. True minimalists with exceptional class and quality in every thing they do. If you hop over to their site and view their downloads, you will see how beautiful their creative direction is and how their editorials are so simplistic allowing the furnishings speak for themselves. 

it feels right + a west london home to adore

You guys! For everyone that popped back in to this space and commented or sent a sweet message about my site, thank you! Putting yourself out there in your creative endeavours can be  intimidating and I noticed who commented and just feel immensely appreciative. 

It feels undeniably good to be putting my hands back on the keyboard, exploring and writing about something I love so much. This space has always been about me, my voice, my career, my work outside of being a mom and I feel so fortunate to have it. 

With that, this gorgeous West London home designed by McLaren.Excell was exactly what I needed to stumble upon to share its glorious clean lines and interesting textures. I prefer cool tones in a space but equally love the marriage of concrete and warm ashy woods. The old Victorian bones of the home peek through in exposed brick walls and winding staircases which is just the right traditionalism paired with a beautifully sparse aesthetic. 

I continue to take note of the lack of items adorning the home and challenge myself to scale back again and again. Imagine the breathing room, its infinite.

change is good

It's always been an interesting dichotomy for me to seek so much comfort in routine and consistency yet feel such an urge for change. I think I let consistency run its course until I am bursting at the seems with an insatiable desire to bring about something new.

About 6 months or so ago, I decided that to really hone in on my work and clearly articulate my services, it meant that a small shift in my brand needed to take place. I so often was getting inquiries about my work but with a little question mark at the end as to whether it was an applicable offering or not. 

What was Modern Camper, has certainly catapulted in to bigger things and that once blog, is a business now unto it's own. With that, Modern Camper slowly went off in to the abyss so that I could create a clear delineation in to my freelance services and not merky the waters between writing and what I was designing for people. 

Today, Meg Cassidy Creative encompasses two primary types of services, styling and creative direction. Interiors, food and lifestyle content are my primary focuses. My aesthetic remains undeniably consistent. Always clean, minimal and never fussy. This translates across all disciplines of my work whether I am styling for a brand in a studio or styling someones home, I never deviate from my principles and passion.

The Creative Direction really comes in to that strategic support that I offer my clients, especially young entrepreneurs looking to define their brand and it's assets. What is the image and curation that we want to portray thats not only going to grab peoples attention but make them come back for more. 

I will continue to write here and share projects that I have on the go, my insatiable love for interiors of course and bits in between that make my heart a flutter. 

I am immensely excited about 2017 and hope to have the opportunity to work with many more amazing clients, making our world more beautiful everyday, one thoughtful piece at a time.

xx, M

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minimalist farm envy

The ever so talented designers of Norm Architects have of course done it again with a modern and undeniably unique farm property in the UK. Reydon Grove Farm is anything but your typical idea of farm living. Rather, a thoughtfully curated space hovering like a white cloud in a mass field. The cleanliest of lines, bright whites and texture in woods like teak are literally giving me heart palpitations. I long for a space like this, my trepidation is hauling my munchkins to country living since I have convinced myself of the benefits of raising them in the city. I envision it one day though, that we will settle with a quiet space filled with open air and only the essentials. The beautiful essentials that is..just so.

ports 1961 bow sneaker

While perusing the oh so beautiful blog of Ana Degenaar, I fell hard for these adorably chic Ports leather sneakers. I remember Ports being such an iconic brand growing up and its modern sophistication continues today. Minimal, leather and white- these beauties may just have to land in my closet. You can shop them here.

simple in stockholm

well well well...blame it on summer and all its glory that I have been missing around here but truth is, I am making some changes to my website to reflect more of my design work and I have held off on posting until the changes were made but alas, I cannot make that happen on my own so I am enlisting some help with a new website that I am hoping is coming at you VERY soon. 

In the meantime, I say excuses no more, we must still share the beauty in these homes with all of you!

This sweet apartment in Stockholm grabbed my attention not for anything fancy or elaborate in design but rather for it's simple white floors, crisp walls and minimal furnishings that bring all the character of the old building to life. The retro bathroom and glass tiles in the kitchen are perfect and need not be touched to maintain a little colour and interest in this small but oh so endearing space.

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coveting | the minimalist home

Happy Friday friends! The morning started out looking a little gloomy and rain had been teeming on the roof all night long. The sun has since come out and I am looking forward to the weekend. Since I love the idea of living with less and have invested in larger pieces that stow away the things that I would rather not see, it is rare that I purchase too many accessories these days. The reality is though, that beautiful, simple accessories warm up your home and tell a story. 

This week while perusing the minimalist home, I fell in love with a few of their pieces that i wanted to share with you. If you are looking for thoughtful, streamlined special items, this store has exactly what you are looking for. 

Enjoy the sunshine and rest this weekend. We will be playing in the garden and bringing some life back to our home. 

montauk calling

Warm weather is ever so slowly starting to show is glowing face around these parts recently and it has me longing for beach days and open windows. My desperation for brighter days clearly has me inspired by the beauty that is this Montauk beach house via Design Milk by Space Exploration An open and airy space that lends itself so well to sandy toes and sun kissed skin. I imagine days of frolicking on the beach, champagne and seafood dinners and deep sleeps in fresh white linens. You can almost smell that salty air right?! Incorporating bright whites, linen and natural rugs and of course ash floors are a great way to bring that modern beach feel to your home. The surf boards obviously being the perfect accessory and art like pop of colour. 

A dish for mama

Becoming a mom felt natural to me. I had my first babe at the ripe age of 26 just a year after getting married. I didn't have a moment of hesitation. That maternal adoration came at a young age. I loved being with children, was completely obsessed with babies and used to take milk bags and wrap them in blankets pretending they were real squishy little beings. Odd but true! I will be sharing a little more about motherhood on Friday but wanted to provide this oh so easy dish via running with tweezers for all of you hosting a Mother's Day dinner or fete this weekend. I love it because it's simple, fresh and requires almost no time to make. The recipe is below and it will most certainly be making an appearance at our table this weekend. 

Put a large salted pot of water on to boil. While you’re waiting, top 1 pound of fresh green beans. Cook the beans for 4 minutes, then drain and wash with cold water to stop them from overcooking.

In a large salad bowl, mash together 1 chopped garlic clove, some kosher salt and freshly ground pepper. Stir in 1 tsp dijon mustard and 1 Tbs red wine vinegar, then whisk in 1/4 cup good olive oil. Add the cooked green beans, and toss well. Taste and adjust the seasonings.

Serve the beans on a platter with 6-8 ounces of feta sliced into 1/8″–1/4″ slices. Sprinkle it all with a handful of chopped fresh chives, then drizzle with a bit more leftover dressing.


There is a beautiful shop and studio space adorning toronto's college street. Souvenir was curated by two young woman, Danielle and Trish started Souvenir as a Pop Up but it quickly became a permanent space that not only can you shop but they provide the space for workshops, events and collaborations. All of their items are small batch and thoughtfully merchandised. I am particularly in love with the clean aesthetic that lends to a simple shopping experience. Well done ladies.

is the bubble about to burst?

I have had a fair number of conversations recently with entrepreneurs and creative content generators who all seem to be aligned with my recent observations and more profoundly, feelings about the world that seems to be pushing us further apart vs bringing us closer together. 

Some would argue that I am wrong, that social media, (Instagram in particular) has brought people together, created business' and built a platform to have your voice be heard. While I wont argue that this is true, I will say that I think the bubble is about to burst.  

To say that I have invested an immense amount of time in to the aesthetics, styling and curation of modern camper would be an understatement. It is an 'always on' state of mind and this can riddle you with anxiety and tremendous feelings of 'what next'. Even more challenging is the ability to generate an income that feels remotely justifiable to the man hours that go in to said work.  

Lets go back to the topic of connections since I know many will read this and argue that they have built friendships from these platforms (including me) and that all is not lost in the superficiality of it all. The only thing I may provoke here is, are you connecting at the same level that you would with your other friends? Does it feel the same? Are you vulnerable enough with them to open up in a way that may not paint the picture perfect life that fits in those small squares. Even more so, are your topics of conversation centred around online content, who's who and what or who are you working with lately? 

I have been lucky to develop a relationship with a very select few people that I have met online but no question those relationships are still different than my 'offline' friends. I have also sadly had the superficial connections, the jealousy and some of the negativity that comes from people thinking there just isn't room for everyone which let me shout from the roof top. THERE IS ROOM FOR EVERYONE!! No one owns an idea, how we execute it determines the niche that you will carve out for yourself. 

Aesthetics will always play a role in engagement however, the beautiful makers, moody photos of extravagant pavlova cakes may be on the down swing. I would be curious to see the stats on recipe conversion amongst users from these elaborate Instagram profiles. 

I suspect Influencers are going to have to work HARD in the coming years to create content that doesn't feel like they are trying to pull the wool over everyones eyes or that the content is simply unattainable. Myself included. 

I don't always love the persona that comes with curated content. I do love it's beauty, it's inspiration but if anyone thinks that my house is perfect and I can jump in on every trend- let me tell you right now, I cannot. I do however appreciate the curation side of things. Styling is what people pay me to do so there will be a professionalism that needs to be maintained here. 

The frequency in which I reach for my phone will dwindle, it already has. I want to look at whats in front of me, feel, do and be more and truth be told, I don't ever want curated social media content to define me as a person. period. 

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by james

A couple of yeas ago, Katie and I stumbled upon each other through this ever so connecting digital world and immediately built a connection. You can say we were modern day pen pals that when the time came for our little family to vacation in Mexico, I knew meeting Katie needed to be a part of our plan. That we did and she was as beautiful and lovely as I would have expected.

Fast forward to now, Katie has successfully launched by.james which includes the most stunning leather sandals, all made in Mexico naturally and her line shows sneak peeks of other fashion items to come. The sophisticated, boho vibe had my attention immediately. I am now only wishing that caftans and strappy leather soles were adorning my feet daily. 

this is the kitchen

As we move in to renovation mode on our kitchen ( or quite frankly build a house from the ground up ) I have been spending a lot of time articulating my design choices for this space. I have several boards of inspiration, all of which contribute a little piece of the overall pie. Combined, it will make for a stunning space however; this home stopped me like a deer in the headlights with every-single-element checking the box on what I want our kitchen to look like.

I decided, I am just going to package this up in a big bow and hand it over to the contractor. Not a thing I would change. The island, that also acts as an eat in table for 6 is brilliant. The entire space is streamlined to perfection and built ins allow for tucked away chaos which I am a BIG fan of. Lets do this!

This home was featured on EST Living designed by Studio Four

Travel + Style at Home

I am a huge believer that travelling, culture and experiences help to shape the world of design around you. I am forever inspired by stepping foot on new soil and have felt a little stifled lately in creative inspiration. This is when I know I am over due for a change in scenery. Lately, my heart strings have been pulling a more european flare to modern design. I love a home that maintains a lot of natural character through high ceilings, heavy moulding's and big windows. This home on Stadshem has that natural, clean pallet that I clearly adore but also has subtle soft edges, deep, rich paint tones and so much texture that makes the space feel exceptionally inviting. A tired lady lately, to be totally honest, I would love to dive in to this bedroom and those white linen sheets.

bits about home

Hi Friends! Hope everyone has had a fantastic week. I must say that it has felt like a long one which is often the case when we have short weeks and holidays. I swear its the anticipation ahead that makes time feel like it is standing still. 

We are very eager for a fun easter weekend ahead. We are celebrating with family which will of course include an easter egg hunt in the park, heaps of tasty food and slow mornings. More importantly, we will give much thanks for a beautiful healthy life with our littles.

Things around here are moving along at warp speed as they so often are. I have been doing a lot of evaluating, prioritizing and planning for the near and far future. It feels really good to dedicate time every so often for this. I am taking a couple of steps to really hone in on the areas I want to focus on with business and projects and allow my work to be elevated more than it is today. Having taken on a lot of projects over the last year or so, I can see where I naturally flourish and what needs to quietly go away in a effort to really see the traction I am hoping to make. More to come on this as things start to unfold in the next few weeks.

Next up is planning summer. Vacation and camps are no easy task to get in order so its a big priority for me along with some pretty exciting house stuff. 

Have an amazing long weekend everyone!