bits + pieces

happy monday y'all! there is most definitely a chill in the air that meant hauling out the winter jackets, hats and mitts. j and i celebrated our 7 year anniversary this weekend with a perfect little date in the city. from the day we met, one of our favourite things to do together was shop. i married a rather stylish dude who doesn't sulk at the thoughts of spending a day in and out of stores with me. i credit it to his life growing up with two sisters. after shopping we had a great dinner which always means chats that allow us to think and talk in a cohesive manner vs the child induced broken conversations. sunday we decorated for halloween and ran errands. i baked cookies and did some tidying. there is no shortage of work in my evenings and my weekdays are very limited in terms of my time with the girls so it was nice to quite simply have fun!