bits + pieces

happy monday everyone! i am in crunch time on a big project with work right now which means that some other things are falling off my radar. most recently my house feels like things are a little unruly. the inevitable stress that comes with the working mom, after school programming and trying to squeeze in time to work out means i have been too exhausted to think about things around home. that was until this weekend. i knew with the work that i needed to accomplish, i wood be clouded by my surroundings not feeling settled so i took the day on saturday to do a small overhaul. cleaned out closets, rearranged things and gave every room a really good cleaning. it's not 100% yet but i am feeling much better going in to a month that has a lot of travel and very little time at home in general. 

i miss my babies a lot these days but squeeze them oh so extra tight when i come home at the end of the day. i often only have 1-2 hrs max in a day with the girls from the time i am home from work to when they go to sleep. my commitment to them is to be 100% present during that time. this is also why i have let go of a few things around home because if weekends are my time with them, i need to make it the best possible.