when home feels really good

its an odd feeling in many ways because most weeks we all rush through our days just to get to the weekend. the speed in which we work and keep up with the daily grind often leaves most people feeling completely burnt out on a friday night. i wouldn't argue that i am any different. i love friday nights at home. there is this short term allowance for putting away your computer, signing off from emails and finding your comfiest clothing to relax in. 

for this reason, home always feels like the only place i want to be at the end of the week. we don't often go out on fridays. we order in, or in the case of this evening, we made grilled cheese and soup. i slip in to sweatpants, pour a glass of wine and quite frankly take a very big deep breath. 

the leaves outside are falling by the plenty and the weather is calling for crisp temperatures. it lends itself to the perfect weekend for a pumpkin patch visit in rubber boots and wooly sweaters. i may be especially excited for apple cider.

happy weekend everyone!