this little space screams style

i continue to feel very strongly that if your home has style, simplicity and cleanliness- it really does not matter how big it is ( unless of course you have a gaggle of kids ). a home that functions well and makes you feel happy living in it is by far the best gift you can give yourself. when i saw this sweet space, it confirmed for me that a cohesive pallet of black and white with pretty little details to compliment simple lines is a real win. often the key is to envision the mood board, plan it out and watch how your style comes together. if your space is small, you will quickly see where things don't work. too much colour, not enough, accessories that don't compliment the space but rather clutter it. i love that planning process and the ability to marry your current assets with what you want to be new. more often than not it can also mean elimination. the blank slate of a sheet of white paper lends itself perfectly to the start of your new space.

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