the power of passion

i sat back on sunday morning watching the kids play with their toys, i tinkered around online and sipped away at coffee. seeing how the girls interact with each other is the sweetest thing. it also made me recognize for the umpteenth time that life goes by bonkers fast. i pondered the progress of my design life. the variations in my writing, the different blogs that have come and gone and the evolution in my own design taste. it was a good reflection. for the moments when i become frustrated at the momentum ( or lack of ) i may seem to have in the areas i love the most, i am reminded that my passion can only be rewarded by my ability to fuel it. beyond my family, this little nugget on the internet has been my space that i have loved the most. no matter how hard i have even tried to walk away from it when life seemed too busy, it always comes back. thank you all who visit here regularly and share in my same undying passion for design and the creative world.