chilly weather + good food

i can feel that changing of the seasons that forces us inside a little more and has me craving home cooked meals and fresh, immune boosting goodness. i had taken a break from my juicer after it felt like a bit of a chore to do every single morning.  the clean up is what gets me every time but enough with the excuses, I'm back on the train. i say it every time, i feel so much better when i stay dedicated to eating fresh.  

i made my go to kale salad with an asian sesame dressing and indulged in a little triple cream brie this week. cheese is my weakness, i try in moderation but that ooey gooey goodness slays me. every weekend we pick a day for almond milk and honey pancakes. i top mine with shaved coconut since maple syrup is not my thing.

some amazing new recipes have landed in my inbox recently that i can't wait to try as the weather gets cooler. I'm also styling more food shoots lately and can't wait to share those with you.

have a great monday everyone!