an apartment in Berlin

I am feeling a little dazed these days and with every moment of insanity, I am internally begging for something to simplify itself. I know this is the time of year when we all feel mounds of pressure. I took a moment this evening to sip a glass of wine and peruse some beauty online. The laundry is piling up by the minute and the house is getting to me. It was in my moment of frustration that I stumbled upon the simple beauty of this modern Berlin apartment on Cereal Mag. This wave of calm came over me as I imagined our little family settling in to a flat in Europe drenched with natural light.  This space has all the necessities with hints of luxurious touches. 

I am particularly enthralled by the perfect juxtoposition of modern meets organic with the clean lines of the furniture and neutral pallet. The hanging plants in the bathroom are somewhat whimsical. My brown thumb is enormously envious.

Can't you imagine sipping a glass of wine, curling up with a book and admiring the sereness of it all. For today- that feels nothing short of a dream come true.