with mamas help

our nanny is away during the month of december which in theory should have put me in a complete tail spin but alas my mama came to the rescue to help us with the girls. besides the obvious fact that we love having her around and the girls see it as such a little novelty to have their nan with us every day, we are also benefiting from her fantastic cooking.

tonight we made the loveliest sole in butter and garlic, fresh veggies and my moms scrumptious naan dip. it's this simple little combination of greek yogurt, olive oil and fresh herbs. we steam the naan bread in a tea towel in the oven and dip away- its the perfect little appetizer. my mom also grilled eggplant dusted in panko bread crumbs and parmessan cheese. i know- feeling VERY spoiled right now. 

we all help out with kitchen clean up and snuggle the munchkins in to bed to afford us a little time to catch up on work in the evening and some down time. its a good little routine we have going on. i am going to enjoy it for this week since next week will inevitably be busy with christmas prep and likely less indulgent dinners- cue sushi delivery...but thats just fine by me!


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