a holiday built for memories

Hello sweet friends! happy belated everything! Clearly I have taken a little hiatus from the blog. Admittedly feeling like I was on a bit of a hamster wheel, I wanted nothing more than to completely recharge and that is precisely we did.

Our little family packed up for a California trip for a week. We soaked up every ounce of the oh so perfectly sun drenched weather, walked the beach, surfed and indulged in naps and tasty food. 

The early part of our vacation was just the four us. We settled in to the small town of Del Mar. It was as though the universe brought us to our home away from home. A quaint little community with the most stunning beach and familiar surroundings. We shopped at a local Whole Foods for fresh organic goodies, sipped bold coffee and partook in mind melding yoga and invigorating runs.

J would pick up breakfast in the morning and surprise me with a different green juice daily. It tasted like heaven in a cup. For the first time in many months, there was this significant weight lifted off my shoulders and I was completely present in the moments that matter the most.

The kids were a dream. We were completely prepared for chaos particularly with a 17 month old, but those moments were certainly few and far between. The latter part of our trip had us joining J's family on Coronado Island. 8 kids later and the fun did not stop. Everything from all day beach hangs to s'mores on an open fire and games of the plenty- it was an adventure filled few days.

We arrived home to some surprisingly mild weather and have been taking things relatively easy since then. A Pyjama day and shopping downtown along with visits to friends whom we did not see prior to Christmas has made this holiday oh so lovely.

Now, we plan 2015 with really only one thing in mind, be immensely grateful for a year that has brought many blessings and optimism for a successful 2015 ahead. I wish nothing less for each and every one of you. Sending wishes for peace, love and everything in between and a very very big thank you for following along here.