bits + pieces

monday monday monday- you sure know how to make a girl long for just one more day in the weekend. it was a jam packed one. you can read more details on mdrn cmpr mini today since our weekend really was all about the girls. i did manage to freshen up a few things around the house and had a great chat with my mom and hubs about the 'simple' life. many days i find myself craving the open light hearted feeling of the country. a place where there is less access to 'stuff' and a pace that can be gentler on our little souls. my mom reminded me that i am a city girl. i know this. i just like to revel in the thoughts of things slowing down from time to time. the holidays often spark a little bit of this feeling. we get a taste of what its like to spend more time around home and with out families which is undeniably sweet. i suppose it proves all the more reason why we need to embrace these times that don't join us very often throughout the year.