when less is more

i am going to take you on a little trip down memory lane for a second. when J and I met we lived in a tiny little condo over looking lake ontario. it was bright, simple and well perfect for the two of us. when we decided to get married, we moved in to our first home. it was old, really old but just oh so cute. it had all the little details first home buyers gush over. tongue and groove, curved arch ways, shutters and flower boxes, sloped ceilings. it was charming would be the best way to describe it. 

the decor looked like it fell out of a pottery barn catalogue. it was a bright sunshiny yellow, ticking stripe and white linen drapery and a farm style sink in the kitchen. we loved our little home. we had sloane there and knew a short while after that a move was again in store. the house was becoming a lot of work and we needed more space for our 'on the go' little lady. 

fast forward and we settled in to our current home. spacious, yes! lovely curb appeal, absolutely. i love our home. i feel really entirely blessed to live in a safe, pretty neighbourhood, to have sloane attend the sweetest school on the planet and friends in our community that i could call on anytime. this- cannot be bought!

with the birth of our second little girl, Hunter i have come to several conclusions about living and life. the most important being that children bring joy to a family that i never thought was possible.  Hunter by far was this little angel sent to us and oh my stars what she has done for our family in 7 months is pretty incredible. with that, my continued realization that people and memories is what life is made of not 'stuff' has become more and more profound. 

sure, i post about all the 'things' i love. do i buy them all? no. my mother asked me one day what i would take from home if it went up in flames. the only thing i said was my computer. it houses all of the photos and videos of my family that i would be devastated to lose (reminder to back up files) everything else is replaceable and i can honestly say that i do not own one thing that i love so much that i would be devastated to see go. 

all of this brings me to this incredible home that i discovered on est mag. everything they post on their blog and in their editorial is so incredible. this home screams fresh air, minimal everything. the world outside is brought in with these stunning doors to the backyard and a pallet almost exclusively of white makes it bright and simple. our dream home has been on our mind for a little  while now, i would be very inclined to taking these images to an architect and saying 'build me this'

its about smart design. spending the money where it matters. investing in clean lines, symmetry and simplicity and letting the voices of family and friends fill your home, not stuff.

all images via est