bits + pieces

march break came to a screeching halt and we were back to the usual routine this morning. sloane was bonkers excited to get back to school which was a win win since i was ready to resume spring clean up and de cluttering around the house. i divulged my massive conflicting nature with being a stay at home mom. although only temporary while off on leave with Hunter, its often bittersweet. without the over zealous download, the gist of it is that some days are supercalafragalistic and others make me want to poke my eyeballs out with the emptying of garbage bins, dishwashers and laundry. a career mama i am, do you feel me?

in non mommy related business, the fashion gods or otherwise known as my UPS guy, dropped a couple of goodies on my door step this week. comfy and sleek yosi samara slip ons and a couple of summer frocks. 

i have been frantically purging and cleaning around the house and shuffling art. if you read my last post you will feel the current less is more vibe i am lusting. life feels good when the air around you is a plenty.

happy tuesday to each of you. enjoy the rest of the week. lets cross fingers and toes for snippets of spring to arrive, fast.

all images my own.