lessons learned

i was so thrilled to see the reception and even receive a few emails from you sweet people on my less is more post. it was pretty unanimous that everyone is craving simplicity in their life right now. for anyone north, we can all appreciate the horrific winter that has cooped us out like a flock of chickens. i think this was the tipping point in to an immense desire to breathe fresh air and rid ourselves of 'things' after looking at them all far too much!

i am almost ashamed really. if i began to calculate the amount of money i have spent on 'things' over the years, i can assure you i would be a sad lady.  i turned 30 a year and a half ago, let go of my previous blog, had a baby and completely altered my way of thinking. i feel empowered, creative and better at making decisions. probably the best lesson learned has been to sit on it. i have always been impulsive, i tend to crave things that my mood dictates which has its benefits sure, but can make for unnecessary purchases and down the road regrets. 

going to try to keep it light in 2014. simple, really freaking good design in all aspects of my life. 

images via stadshem