friday round up

                                                                                          image via joycecroonen

heck ya to friday! hope everyone had a super week. it was back to routine with sloane in school. although tired, she seems to have had a stellar week back. it amazes me the joy that she gets from learning and the pride she carries when she does something well. it's a good mama feeling. hunter is cutting yet another tooth which means we lacked some sleep this week but i mean really, this one is the best thing since sliced bread so i really can't complain,

i started a juice cleanse on thursday that i will be done on sunday. no vino for this mama tonight but I'm happy to kick start my back at the yoga studio routine with some healthy eating. it makes it hard to resist all the beautiful food photography on herriot grace. 

aside from yoga, i am completely and entirely smitten with ballet beautiful. the most brilliant combination of fitness, lifestyle and beauty in one. you MUST try. tomorrow sloane is spending the day with her nan so i am planning a day of catching up on things i need to do. one of which is get my hot little hands on Porter Mag. Have you read it yet? hearing nothing but great things so far. 

                                                                                         image via bleubird

sunday, we are planning another weekend tourist excursion, can't wait to share it with you. in the mean time, follow along on instagram and be sure to check out bleubird and joycecroonen, two incredible talents with beautiful images and style.