family friendly design

if you are a parent you can attest to the life changes that occur when you have children. besides the obvious, heart palpitating love for a human being, sleepless nights and constant worry, they make living in your home different. toys are inevitable, comfort is important and practicality and safety come in to play.

i do not believe that style should be compromised. i have visited countless homes where parents say "well its ok, but we have kids now so it is what it is" i actually see it as an opportunity to get organized, designate a space that is exclusive to the kids. try not to buy more toys than they actually need and purge when necessary. 

i come back to built ins and storage cabinets that can house and hide all the 'stuff' that can make a space look cluttered and messy. decide how you want to live and your children will follow suit  ( with a little direction of course) 

the white pallet and simplicity in this country side home feels fresh, sweet and a lovely place to raise your children. i love the eclectic curiosities and vintage pieces that add warmth to the cool, white pallet.

nothing here feels pretentious or over styled. it feels like an open space that is loved and ready for laughter and snuggles.

photography Dana van Leeuwen via VT Wonen & Style Files