juicing + living healthy

about three years ago, i embraced the world of juicing and all its amazing health benefits. i will admit that my first purpose to juice was yes to eliminate toxins but i also heard so much about the clarity in your skin and mental alertness. i was often feeling fatigued, i lacked energy in a way that didn't feel normal. fast forward to just a year and a half ago when i was diagnosed hypothyroid while pregnant with hunter, and this explained a lot of why i was feeling the way i was.

i didn't have a choice but to go on medication during my pregnancy since it was critical for the health and well being of the babe. no doubt, i suffered the consequences of a stimulant in my body that made my heart race like crazy and my mind a little wonky. after a period of adjustment, i was able to continue to take the medication without feeling like my heart was going to burst out of my chest. 

i will say that i have always been a healthy eater. my mom never really made anything processed growing up and my grandmother surely wouldn't dream of cooking anything that came out of a box. growing up, we had a salad with every meal and after school snacks where simple and real food.

i decided three years ago that i would do the juice cleanse offered by total cleanse as a way to kick start a very healthy lifestyle. it was extremely easy to click that purchase button and have fresh juice delivered to your door step. i did the three day cleanse which seemed to be the right amount of time for me. the first day and a half where really tough. i was starving, but after day two i was certainly not hungry and by day three i genuinely felt like a new person. my mind was fresh, my eyes look clearer and of course my energy level was higher. 

in the years following, i continued to purchase healthy smoothies and juices on a weekly basis until this past christmas when jason bought me my own juicer. we have the brevile fountain elite. it's perfect for us. i can juice large whole fruits without all the chopping, the consistency of the juice is smooth and tastes great. the only downfall with the fountain elite is that softer fruits and veggies don't juice as well and i will admit, the clean up can be a bit of pain. i often juice the evening before so that the morning rush isn't too crazy by adding another chore. 

the image above from ana of bluebirdkisses blog was part of a little run we both had on beet juice. we used the hashtag #mamaswhojuice on instagram as a fun way to show each other all the juices we were making. 

people often ask me where i get my juicing recipes from and i have to be honest, i don't really go to any one source. i often hear of great juice combinations, but most of my juicing is just trial. there are a couple of key things i would note. juicing with fruit every day, is probably not the best since fruit has a high sugar content. if you stick to blackberries and blueberries for flavour, you should be fine but i try to do more green based juices throughout the week and save my fruits for the weekend. juicing every day is not necessary and for some people may not even be the best idea depending on your stomach tolerance. 

my favourite two juices are as follows:


2 heads of organic beets

3 large organic carrots

2 organic apples



half a cup of organic kale

1/4 lemon

1/4 cucumber

2 stalks of celery

lately, i have a secret weapon that i add to all smoothies and juices and that is hemp hearts. sloane doesn't even notice the taste and the energy level, fibre and protein that hemp hearts delivers is exceptional. i highly encourage sprinkling it on your cereal, on the top of your juice or blending. 

happy juicing!