evolution of style

if you follow me on pinterest, you may have perused my dream home board. its one of my favourites to pin to because it is an absolute perfect replica of the elements that would go in to the home i so desire to build one day. 

my style has evolved from what was once a very relaxed, comfortable take on traditional to a rather modern aesthetic. by now you have gathered from my posts that my inability to function in chaos and 'stuff' tends to lead to a more modern take on design. built in's, clean lines and a primarily white pallet makes for a calm, happy meg. 

at times modern can lend itself on the cool side, which for some is a reason to stay a way from the minimalist style. i firmly believe you can do modern in a way that feels crisp and warm. or shall we say a little 'modern camper'. it is that perfect juxtaposition of glossy white walls and warm hand scraped floors, floor to ceiling mirrors and warm wool blankets.  i marvel at the idea of never seeing an appliance on my kitchen countertop, a sleek mud room that houses our active gear and the most impeccable lighting and art. as the discussions continue about the future of our current home and the possibility of a build in the future, i continue to be inspired by the beauty of design and feel excited at the prospect of handing these images to an architect some day. 

all images are from my Pinterest board here