on work

i sat here, for a solid 5 minutes. i imagined myself here. right here in the sun filled room of this loft office space. i toggled for a minute between my twitter feed. felt disgruntled. why? oh gosh meg, stop analyzing the creative space. then i remembered, rat race...yes rat race, that little thing we do all day long. run around like chickens with our heads cut off. creative agencies are begging for something new but really...they kinda fall short more often than i would like to see.  why? well because there are 5 zillion things to do in an account person's day and they are desperately trying to meet a deadline so, they grasp for the next best thing. 

in my case, i was reading about 'design' bloggers being a part of some collaborative i don't know what and its the same people. the PR agencies are falling short on fresh material and so they default to the ones who are, granted active in the space but by no means, the best of the best.

my opinion- completely! but lets put my taste aside, my appreciation for the design space is big, really big and so my expectations may be grossly overrated. i just need to understand where the fire in the belly, jump up and down, kick ass excitement comes from corporations and agencies who collaborate and place the fate of their brand in the hands of, well the doing it just fine crowd. maybe the term, the squeaky wheel gets the oil really does come in to play. the more active you are in the social space, the more you stick your neck out there, the more viable an opportunity is to come your way. kudos to those who have taken on the beast that is social media, blogging and completely talked their way to the top. it is whole heartedly a piece of the puzzle. the big question i have is, is it the best work? are magazines, networks and agencies taking on the best of the best or are they simply listening to the few talking in the same circle and assuming these are the best they can find?

are you as a designer, blogger, artist or collaborator imagining yourself in an empty room filled with sun ready to showcase the best damn work you could create? because this, this is what the agencies need to be seeking.

 Image via Pinterest