girl crush

here is a confession. i have a girl crush on the crazy talented, ultra stylish garance dore. everything this lady touches turns to magic. her site, her style, the curations of her posts and most importantly the beautiful photography, it's all honeysuckle goodness. i find myself perusing her sight daily, always a little surprised by something new that  i hadn't noticed before. her tone is always real and the people she features are beautiful in the most raw, authentic state. i love the  edge that meets the romantic feminine side of her photographs. 

when i think back to years ago when i first started reading blogs, garance was my first inspiration in to the world of fashion and street style. today, i was enthralled by the beauty that garance captured in Caroline Ventura. Caroline's jewelry line BRVTVS is stunning. The line is simple, classic with a twist and i want to buy it all.  These images captured by garance are of Caroline in her apartment.