on chasing dreams

you know that dew that sits ever so slightly on your skin on a misty morning and the smell of air so fresh your lungs welcome the relief? i get it every time my feet step by the lake. its incredible really that i don't spend more time here. the ins and out of our days in the city have me here there and everywhere and always on a schedule with the kids. one may be napping, the other needing to be whisked off to school. today sloane was completely exhausted and needed a day to be at home. after running a couple of errands, i took a detour and brought the girls down to the lake. it was quiet, the water was as smooth as butter and this perfect haze settled just around the horizon line. the adventure didn't last long but just enough that i could get a taste of calm, peace and inspiration. 

moments like these and the ones i spend over coffee and pasqualina's with girlfriends often transpire in to thoughts and conversations about chasing dreams. whats next in life and how to make each other better. i love that most about my entrepreneurial friends. they took a big risk in the beginning and they know every day is a day to be better because without change, their dreams start to fade. i like the collaboration and i know they like it too.

this blog is a little dream of mine. it allows me to express my creative side, to meet new people, to inspire and most importantly- be inspired. my dreams are also bigger than this blog and extend beyond my personal and professional life. i dream of painting canvas in a sun drenched studio wearing a caftan all day.

hubs returned from a 6 day trip to vegas and LA. this is our dream and it was nice to talk about it together, to share in his photos and revel in the sweet what if. 

on monday i am launching my art site. i cannot wait to share it with you and hope with every little inch of me that you love it!! its a little step in to a big dream and i am happy to be sharing it with all of you.