mini home tour

i was a little reluctant to share an initial home tour with everyone because i feel like we still have quite a few changes to make but then realized that this was part of the fun and the process. it was actually a great exercise to go through in order to see all the changes we had already made. 

you won't see photos of my kitchen or master bath, both are fine just not to my taste. they are spacious and most definitely someone with an earth tone aesthetic would appreciate. you will get the picture pretty quickly that i am an all white with subtle colours kind of girl. the tour was initially larger and then i felt a little overwhelmed by all the photos! so trying to keep it simple. we  have seen a lot of growth in this house. our future looks a little more modern which may end up being here or somewhere else. wherever it is, the most important thing is that we all have each other. 

i plan to do a detailed post later on with sources of my favourite things, where to buy etc but for now, a little visual journey in to our every day life. hope you enjoy!!

oh! and the walls throughout the entire house are dune white by benjamin moore. thats a question i get often!