the healthy choco smoothie

i have to be honest, i have not always been the biggest fan of smoothies. i often find them too thick and more often then not leave them half full. since i have been juicing so much, my pallet has become accustom to a lighter texture. i have however, always loved milkshakes. i know seems kind of contradictory that i don't love fruit smoothies but love a god old thick milkshake. this is when i started experimenting with the ingredients in my smoothie to get a flavour we could all love.

this chocolate banana smoothie tastes great and is full of healthy goodness. if chocolate in the morning feels too sweet, its a great lunch option with a side of veggies since it is pretty filling.

the lovely Amy at BabyBrain Organics sent me some of her delicious and nutritious product. Perfect for your little and big ones. I try really hard not to make custom meals for the kids. I want them to eat what we eat so having something that is kid and parent friendly and tastes great is a mega bonus. We tried BabyBrain Organics for the first time in our choco smoothie and it didn't disappoint. Protein is often a challenge for Sloane. I have to get creative with how I ensure she is  getting enough iron in her diet. Yummy Tummy has the antioxidants of Omega 3 and Fibre and in 1 tablespoon added to your kiddos favourite muffin, pancakes, baby food or in our case, smoothie- you get 2grams of protein and healthy antioxidants.

now for the recipe. you can adapt for how many servings are required. this recipe serves 2 adults and 1 little.

3 scoops of low fat frozen yogurt

1 banana 

1/2 avocado

1 cup almond milk, unsweetened

1.5-2 tablespoons of mayan superfood cacao 

2 tablespoons of BabyBrain Organics

blend and enjoy!