to create, is to live

never underestimate the power of your surroundings. if i go way back (like university days back) i can recall that heavy feeling of exam time. the crunch, the stress, the inability to focus when my surroundings were in disarray. i distinctly recall the nagging feeling of needing my bed to be made, my clothes hung, a candle lit and a bag of bulk barn candy to get me completely focused on the hours of studying ahead. it became a ritual and a way of thinking for me.  as i grew older, the practice of focused, highly desirable results didn't change. the ability to achieve the aformetioned was in an environment that fuelled creative, smart thinking and a sense of organization and calm.

it will come as no surprise that my organization madness is a critical part of all aspects of my life. my home is my ultimate sanctuary and minimizing chaos here is a must. this is the space where i want to see less, know everything has a place and almost never ask myself "where could that be?" 

at work, its not much different. I am always cleaning out my email inbox. every email should be responded to or filed immediately and then to the trash it goes. i get heart palpitations when i look at peoples inboxes that have hundreds or thousands of emails in them. which is not to say that they are not thriving perfectly well in this environment, its just a scary thought for me to think that something could have got missed. 

the same goes with creative conversation and ideation. i am a big believer that your best thinking will come from an environment that perpetuates comfort and freedom and most certainly inspiration. i casually styled the above table at home for a catch up with friends which turned in to conversation about the design world, who is doing it well, what we love and don't love and dreams on how to create something beautiful not just today but everyday. it is also why i fell in love with instagram as a medium because it is an opportunity to showcase creative work, every day bits of inspiration and talent you didn't know existed. 

it made me think that your surroundings are not just a reflection of 'who' you are but also 'how' you are. more importantly for me, it's an indication in to the output of results you will achieve. 

what kind of environment do you thrive in?