does the purging ever stop?

i was getting ready for a meeting at work yesterday when i had to dig deep in my closet to find something office appropriate. this is an entire post in and of itself since the reality is that being pregnant and then off for a year results in a wardrobe that is lack lustre at best. it was the time i spent in my closet that made me realize that although i am tidying and yes purging on a regular basis, i get this odd sense that it is never exactly where i want it to be. i ask myself all the time, how can i be filling yet another garbage bag full of 'stuff '? my husband, god love him has a real challenge parting ways with 'things'. these 'things' of his are a plenty. i try to rationalize by pointing out the storage containers full of clothing and gear that have sat in our basement for several years untouched. this doesn't seem to ruffle his feathers enough that a massive purge would be in order. instead, i find myself doing the purging for him then crossing my fingers he doesn't notice.

the same rang true yesterday in my fit to find something to wear. i wanted to rip that closet apart and start from ground zero. not unlike how i have been feeling the last two weeks which is that something new keeps nagging at me. i keep chalking up my neurotic organizing behaviour to a) being at home with a baby and b) living in a slightly more traditional home that isn't oozing in the streamlined glory i would like it to be. 

i am not interested in a monstrous home but i am very keen on building something new, sleek and completely understated. in doing so, i believe the answer to my question of 'does the purging ever stop'? may become a more frequent YES. the concept of starting new is appealing in order to rid ourselves of the things in our home that seem to be lingering. an idea that puts the term living in to perspective. 

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