defining your style

i started this post with the intention of focusing on fashion, style and the simplicity that is so appealing and it evolved in to bigger thinking around the brand that you represent as a person. i remembered a question once in an interview with the largest cosmetics company in the world.

" if you were a brand, who would you be and why?" at the time i remembered thinking, what a brilliant question. a way to relate to something tangible for all parties by establishing an exact image of what this person emulates in their personal life. i think at the time i said Dove soap or Kiehls cosmetics. I went on to explain that both brands had a luxurious side to them yet were one of the purest most simple brands i could relate to. the packaging was minimal, predominantly wrapped in white, excellent type font and priced slightly higher than average. 

if i was to be asked the same question today, i could likely still answer relatively the same but would also add several more brands to that list. i guess what i am trying to say is that to be defined by one brand is somewhat limiting and likely over time, as your life evolves, your personal brand will evolve with it. 

i am a true cancer at heart, one who's mood very much dictates the style and overall presence you will receive from me. you could say i have a real juxtaposition in my capabilities both professionally and in the wardrobe hanging in my closet. i like it this way. i can play the left brain, right brain game pretty well, i like talking numbers and reports all the while oozing over a creative concept. i can wear tshirts and jeans or a killer cocktail dress. one thing is for sure, whatever i am wearing will be defined by how i feel. my brand, or my style is not defined by any one product, look or type font- it really is just me on that day. 

all images via HACKWITH design, a beautiful fashion and accessories company.