coffee talk

the lovely thing about having a blog is that it acts as this little journal of thoughts that while writing feel like your own but are happily shared with all of you. what i love about the weekends is that it gives us time to slow down a little and have longer, less rushed conversations about life. sometimes its as simple as the schedule for the week ahead or after school activities but i really cherish the times as a couple, as friends and on my own when i think a little more about the days to come. 

J is VERY good at asking questions. we all laugh some times that he asks too many but its also great because he is thinking, planning and trying to find ways to make life a little simpler or for that matter, more interesting. 

i on the other hand kind of don't stop thinking. i ask less questions and am really just 'doing' all the time. good and bad, definitely. i like the spontaneity in my decisions when it results in several things checked off the list or taking a risk on a project that ends up flourishing. the downside to quick decision making and executing on those ideas is wasting a lot of vested time, or not being happy with the final product.

my thoughts and 'coffee talks' these days revolve more around whats important to me. its such an odd feeling. i did everything for everyone else. created design that other people would like, bought way too many things for the house because they were trendy and compromised in areas of 'me' at the risk of feeling guilty. in my effort to focus on the things that are important to me, the result has actually benefited everyone else around me.

i am dedicated to my career, i am confident in my capabilities at work. i painted art that was something i felt in the moment and let the brush do the rest of the work. i established a better sense of creative style in my images and in my home. i simplified things in EVERY single area of my life. 

the best part of all is that i have this burning desire to be better. i challenge myself all the time to create something that is so much better than i have ever done. i do not believe in the saying 'done is better than perfect' that doesn't make me a perfectionist to a fault, it makes me someone who strives to put out my best work. 

i am inspired by the talent in this world. most days i find it exhilarating if you want the truth. i get heart racing, tummy fluttering feelings when i see great creative work. it makes me want to do more and more and more and its a passion that surely cannot be denied.

are you having coffee talks? what is being doodled in your notebook?

image via kinfolk