when the room sets the tone

i get comments often about white in our home and how i manage to keep it clean with two kids and live a relatively clutter free life. its admittedly crazy sometimes because so often i think there is so much more that i need or should be doing on a regular basis to get things to a state that makes me all zen on the inside. others would probably think i am borderline obsessive, neurotic or simply impractical. i haven't always been so streamlined in my design but will say that the more i have embraced the 'less is more' approach, the more i appreciate the value it brings to my life. case in point when i view images of spaces like the above, i get an instant sense of calm and sophistication. the art and little details become far more pronounced, creating a true distinction to the space. my minimalism aside, i think we can all agree that these are design smart spaces rich in mood altering style.

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