itty bitty succulents

when i start to feel a little stressed, i run to plants. i am so insanely obsessed with nurseries. i would love nothing more than to have a little greenhouse. the irony in this is that gardening these days feels more like work. the weeding and raking because we have so many trees in our yard is slightly overwhelming. that said, i was noticing a lack of green inside the house. i took the girls to the dollar store the other day to pick up some crafts and found these adorable mini terracota pots. i snatched up three of them and ran for ikea to grab some small succulents and cacti. 

from here i tore the plants a part and transplanted them in to the mini pots and our little terrarium bulb that had been sitting empty for the bunny friend. when all was complete we had some sweet little green added to our space. 

happy weekend everyone! hope its a great one.