modern on the beach

if i had counted the number of times i have figuratively had my bags packed and ready to head for the beach or an area quite possibly similar to 'timbucktoo', i would probably be in the thousands. it was no surprise that when i saw this entirely exceptional home, that my affinity for life on the water continued to grow. 

the home has this perfect balance of a casual, calming, non pretentious atmosphere nestled on the shores of Australia. its modern clean lines make the space airy and bright and lends a level of sophistication that marries well with the laid back vibe of the beach.  

the bold use of black accent walls and neutral furnishings is a sharp contrast in style that i love. not to mention that introduction of caramel tones and soft pastels in the living room. 

if i can dream it, it will come right? thats what i am telling myself today!

this home was designed by Amber Road and photographed by Prue Ruscoe sourced via the beautiful Est Mag