creatives of instagram series launch

i am beyond elated to finally have the creatives of instagram series officially launched. i subtly talked about this series back when i started my blog in march but was warming up my senses to the amazing people who grace my feed on a daily basis. i have become a profound lover of instagram for many reasons one of which is the amazing community aspect. i have virtually met and become friends with many people i have met in this space. although i have transitioned my account from personal to a more design and lifestyle focused feed and since had to go through the process of rebuilding my followers, i am completely amazed at how quickly connections and inspiration ensues. 

this is what brings me to the weekly series. i wanted nothing more than to share the beautiful work of people i follow around the world. the selection will never be the same. every user has a little something unique to offer and will hopefully inspire you to follow along in their journey.

the other unique offering to this series is the content that marries the images i will share. i have a series of questions that will shed a little light in to the life and world of these fantastic contributors. 

tomorrow will mark day 1 of an every thursday feature. i hope you will love discovering new talent as much as i have. 

if you or someone you know would be interested in participating in this series please email me at 

above images from my own feed

all features can be clicked through quickly in the section at the top right of the blog.