creatives of instagram with @andreamful

here is a girl who stole not only my creative attention but a little piece of my heart. andrea's instagram feed is so clearly full of her daily inspirations and her heart and kindness shines through every image she posts. i have built this lovely little relationship with andrea that makes viewing her feed all the more enjoyable. she is real, authentic and has gained a following that i believe stems from her genuine humble nature. she takes the time to respond to every comment people post and that can be in the hundreds at times. its a way of building relationships beyond the screen in front of you, its a true connection with andrea. 

have a little read to learn more about this beauty and be sure to follow @andreamful 

Lets talk Instagram

When did you snap your first instagram?

I snapped my first instagram in the fall of 2011. It feels like ages ago!

    What do you love most about the community?

I love that it can take you from being complete strangers with some of the people you connect with, to online friends, to real-life friendships. I think it is great being able to interact with people in different corners of the world. This always messes up my sense of distance because I feel like Australia, Turkey, Bali (you name it) are not really that far away. They are right there, on my screen. It really is something else having the ability to see real-time snaps of hundreds of places around the world.  Another thing that I love about this experience is being visually inspired every day. That’s one thing that keeps me coming back!

   What inspires your images?

I am pretty much all over the place when it comes to inspiration so this question is hard! I don’t like boxing myself in a particular way of looking at things and of doing things. For me, anything goes when it comes to inspiration which is why I like following different types of accounts on Instagram. I follow art directors, vintage junkies, interior decorators (with different styles), hipsters, creative parents, and artists all of whom inspire me in different ways. I also just try to appreciate everything that surrounds me. Mundane things at home, small details, changing light, imperfect and broken things. The sense of “brokenness” has a very special part in my heart and I think it is something that is almost always present when I create.

 How would you best describe your creative style?

Impulsive, unstructured, and in flux. Visually, I have a fixation with light and "memory" is a theme that always pops up when I write, but other than that my creative style is pretty much in motion. I find that when we try to define our style as something specific, we start becoming reluctant to trying new things. We worry it doesn't really go with our style, that people are already expecting something from us and we cannot disappoint. There are so many accounts on Instagram that post variations of the same photo over and over again and it gets kind of old after a while. I think the impulse of holding on to what we know “works” kills inspiration and holds you back creatively. It’s ok to not be able to define your style. It’s ok to try new things even if you know people might not respond; it is ok to challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone. That’s how creativity happens!

Does Instagram act as a platform for your business or blog or is it just for fun?

Instagram for me is primarily a creative outlet. It does not have an ulterior motive or a hidden or overt agenda. I am not implying there is something wrong with that, though. The power of social media in the business sphere is incredible. I am often in awe of the way businesses use social media, but I think my instagram account would be very different if it had an agenda attached to it. Not having to worry about that definitely frees the desire to express yourself.


Lets talk about you

 What is your favorite food?

                                                     Pizza. I could eat it every day.

 What is your favorite Sunday activity?

I love going for walks with my boys.

  Your go to creative outlet ( ie, blog, newspaper, magazine)

I really enjoy looking through décor magazines and books. Reading a good novel is always good too.

 Favorite place you have travelled?

I can't pick one, but if I had to narrow it down to five it would be Santorini (Greece), Rome (Italy), Warsaw (Poland) , Barcelona (Spain), and a small town in Colombia called Villa de Leyva. Architecturally, I love Santorini. It is beautiful and charming, but also interesting in the way the town blends in with the cliffs and irregular terrain. I like Rome’s character and the way you feel when you are there.  It's a happy place. Warsaw’s old town always reminds me of the fairy tales of my childhood. I love it visually, but I also love that the city seems to be oblivious to the fact that its raw edges makes it beautiful. Barcelona is just gorgeous no matter how you look at it  (explaining why is just redundant). I have a soft spot for Colonial architecture and interiors which is why I love visiting Villa de Leyva. Every time I go there, I feel I could live there.

What is your greatest accomplishment?

Being a mom makes me feel accomplished almost every day. Some days are hard and you feel like you are doing it all wrong. Overall, however, I am pretty proud of my role as a parent because I try really, really hard. Also, migrating to Canada by myself when I was 19 and finishing my PhD program (which I almost quit) are up there on the list too.

Are you a morning or night person?

Neither. I am extremely slow in the mornings and my brain just doesn't compute until around 10. I work best from 10-4 and then it all starts going downhill again.

  Favorite music?

 It depends on my mood. I like indie rock and folk, jazz, blues, trova cubana, oldschool salsa, opera, flamenco, bossa nova... One thing I know for sure is that I need music in my life. 

your go to fashion staple?

A good pair of jeans that I can dress up or down depending on the occasion which, to be honest, is usually down.