bits of the babes room + a special wall hanging

since we all know i have a real aversion to things that do not serve a purpose, i kept things pretty simple for the babes first birthday. i did not want another plastic toy entering my home, so a pretty doll and a couple more practical items were what we opted to gift her with. beyond that, i wanted to remember this special day with something that could last forever.

a pretty dress that was no longer big enough for her became the inspiration in to this tasseled wall hanging. i wanted something neutral but complimentary to her rooms grey and white scheme. the dress was perfect. after many cuts and ties and selecting a string that had a hint of pink in it i assembled the tied tassels to the strings. the process was by no means hard but it is tedious and does take some time. i loved it though, watching it all come together and putting it up on her wall was exactly what i imagined it to be.