creatives of instagram with @inthefunlane

happy Thursday everyone! we are in the home stretch for a long weekend ahead and what better way to do it than to share another creatives of instagram series with Holly. Holly, otherwise known on instagram  as @inthefunlane, is such a dynamic and sweet girl. i fell in love with Holly for our natural affinity of all things white, bright and interiors related. Holly is a creative gal who can roll up her sleeves, get her hands dirty in the midst of flipping homes or create sweet and petite crafty projects. She is stylish, fun and a loving mom who inspires me with her   daily posts. Have a little read to learn more about Holly and of course be sure to follow her here!

Lets talk Instagram

When did you snap your first instagram?

 My very first instagram was snapped at a family dinner in a beautiful garden about 2 years ago. I just had to capture the moment but it’s hard to believe it was that long ago already!

What do you love most about the community?

I just love how easy and fast it is to not only connect with other creative people, but also discover new creatives. It is awe-inspiring to see the world through so many different creative people. I find it much harder to search out quality creative sites on the internet in comparison to instagram, and the funny part is that many of my favourite instagram account holders actually do not blog or have websites! They simply love capturing their life in a unique way and only share on Instagram.

What inspires your images?

I try to capture actual scenes from my life whether it is what I’m seeing or doing or thinking at that moment, but in a light, bright and somewhat fun manner. 

How would you best describe your creative style?

My style is always airy, bright and mix of minimalist and well collected. Somewhere in the middle of those two I seem to find my happy place.

Does Instagram act as a platform for your business or blog or is it just for fun?

I use it entirely for fun, but for me being creative is fun! So having a gallery that feels cohesive and connected means a lot to me and as many before me have said, when you are passionate about things everything seems to fall into place. Thanks to instagram I have seen my blog traffic grow and the interest in my flip projects has immensely increased. 


Lets talk about you

Where do you live?

I live in Edmonton, Alberta. Representing the Canadian ladies!

What is your favorite restaurant in your city?

My favorite restaurant is Creole Envie. It is a small but amazing restaurant that knows the meaning of good food and service. It is a must-eat!

What is your favorite food?

My favourite food has always been and always will be enchiladas. Show me an enchilada and I show my self restraint to the door. I know no limits when it comes to good mexican food.

What is your favorite Sunday activity?

In the Summer it is lounging on a blanket next to the shore at our family’s cabin with a good book. In the Winter it is cuddled up by the fireplace in our family room watching a movie with my little girl, Wren, and my Husband.

Your go to creative outlet ( ie, blog, newspaper, magazine)

Scrolling through my instagram feed! I can get lost on there for hours. 

Favorite place you have travelled?

Nice, France. It is a like a pastel rainbow of sunshine and beaches. We had so much fun exploring the old town and taking in the sun. We will definitely be back!

What is your greatest accomplishment?

I feel that my very first house flip is one of my greatest accomplishments because it took a LOT of guts for me to put so much time and money on the line. I learned so much and had such a great time that I’ve been doing it ever since, but I remember having that sinking feeling of sheer terror when I heard our offer was accepted!

Are you a morning or night person?

Morning!! But I often have to be both to get everything done.

Favorite music?

I am a 90’s hip hop kind of girl through and through.

your go to fashion staple?

Ripped jeans and silk blouses. I am lucky to have a job that doesn’t require office attire because I live for a comfy/lived in pair of jeans and super girly, romantic blouses.