london calling

as much as i am a homebody, i absolutely love change. i often talk about moving and of course play the city vs country living thing in my brain often. i know deep in my heart that we are a city family. we love the ability to walk to our favourite coffee shops, restaurants and entertainment and of course the culture and creative side of living in a major city. there are these moments though, much like when i stumbled upon this serene london home that make me crave a simpler life full of fresh air, gardens and a rustic kitchen to cook organic meals. 

this space is casual and screams summer living but has some sophisticated design elements like the beautiful moulding in the bathroom and that stunning tub. i love the light fixtures and of course the neutral pallet. its the type of home that i can imagine bare feet and and linen dresses and wool blankets and a fire in the evening. its a nice thought to escape the hustle and bustle of city living.

designed by jamie blake via remodelista.