staying focused

when i started this blog back in march, i had a pretty dedicated focus in my mind of the type of content i would be sharing. the title modern camper really refers to the ability to mix sleek design in a comfortable, livable environment. since writing, i have found my focus shift a little in to areas of food and definitely mommy hood. not that i want to squash those areas and all since they do come naturally, i needed to remind myself what i wanted most and felt i could share best with all of you. this really lies more in the world of design, styling and fashion. 

beyond the obvious decision to keep things focused and maintain a consistent destination for all you fabulous readers, i also think that the world we live in today has us divulging so much and not maintaining a little bit of our own personal life. here specifically is where i didn't want to become a mom blogger. it has never been part of my desires to write about mommy hood. i love reading about others and value those blogs that stay so incredibly focused in this space. 

i even made a shift with my instagram and twitter accounts that will equally drive the same consistency in the type of content i will be sharing. i have some great plans for special features and will finally be kicking off the Creatives of instagram series VERY soon.

your continued engagement in the blog is immensely appreciated. i hope mdrn cmpr can continue to provide you with a little design + lifestyle inspiration.