bits about home

today had a profound feeling of fall in the air. it was cool enough to open all the windows and watch the draperies sway back and forth. the sun was strong enough to keep us playing outside and smiling at the squinty little eyes of my sweet babe. i have admittedly felt a little anxious the last few days. as we transition in to september with back to school, work, nanny, debating our next steps with the house, its been a little consuming. i somewhat chuckle because of course it is. i expected this. i think i am getting better at saying no to taking big leaps at times when things are too busy. i felt that today- a strong sense of trying to appreciate contentment and simplicity. that ability to knock a sense of reality in to myself when it comes to having and or doing it 'all' at once. 

instead, i walked with the girls- A lot! played in the park, cleaned the house and started admiring some fall pieces in my wardrobe. much like most- i would love for summer to last forever but i do relish in that sweet, romantic atmosphere that fall has to offer. until then, my agenda for this evening is a bubble bath and a movie- just me.