creatives of instagram with @gabyburger

here is a girl who truly has heaps of talent. meet gaby, a stylish young woman who has a knack for pulling together the sweetest outfits for a night on the town or a run along the lake. gaby has a beautiful instagram feed full of inspiring images that reach a wide spectrum from fresh food, healthy smoothies, challenging runs and the most creative and inspiring decor trends in her home. i am smitten by her diy projects and photography prints that she sells in her etsy shop. it is such a pleasure to share more of gaby with all of you. be sure to follow her here.

Lets talk Instagram

When did you snap your first instagram?

Oh I was a late adapter! But mostly because I lived for almost 2 years in a very remote location, think Lost meets Survivor ;) I think my first instagram photo was around October 2012.

What do you love most about the community?

Besides the visual aspect, how relationships with people are born through images and I also love getting these peeks of places I’ve never been to. I find that images can be so powerful, and to me, they are constantly inspiring me.  

What inspires your images?

I’m very visual, and I get easily inspired by natural lighting, beautiful scenery, patterns, nature, textures, colors…

How would you best describe your creative style?

I think that my creative style is defined by what I’m sharing in a particular photo. Sometimes is not the whole composition but a particular element of the photo what I’m try to get across (for example a quick recipe shot versus a beautiful landscape) Does that make sense? ? I think that it’s a true reflection of how I live my life and it’s definitely influenced by bright, natural lighting ;)

Does Instagram act as a platform for your business or blog or is it just for fun?

I would say both and definitely fun! Instagram is my favorite social media app and I truly have a lot of fun with it. I like to believe that my instagram feed is an extension of my blog, meaning a true reflection of my style, what I like and how I live my life.

Lets talk about you

Where do you live? 

I live in Toronto, Canada.

What is your favorite restaurant in your city?

I really don’t eat out very much but some favorites are Gusto 101, Terroni, Pizzeria Libretto (can you tell I like Italian food?!) and School for brunch.

What is your favorite food?

I’m a granola lover, I could eat it at any time of the day! Same as pizza, nothing like a wood-oven thin crust caprese pizza ;)What is your favorite Sunday activity? Running, brunching, visiting a farmer’s market, and just being outdoors exploring!

Your go to creative outlet ( ie, blog, newspaper, magazine): Instagram, magazines, catalogs.

Favorite place you have travelled?

Tough to narrow it down to just one, but New Zealand is seriously amazing. I was mesmerized at the beauty of every single place in that country! Australia is also beautiful! And Cambodia took my breath away!

What is your greatest accomplishment?

Hmmm, I don’t know if it’s the greatest but traveling alone with my then 2 year old son across the world (3 flights, 22 hours in the sky) without going insane is probably right there at the top ;)

Are you a morning or night person?

I like to wake up early and I feel that I’m more productive in the mornings, but sometimes I find myself being both a morning and night person because of all the things I like to squeeze in a day!

Favorite music?

I seriously can’t live without music, and I like most types except rap. My favorite band is The Killers, and I really enjoy some good chill-out mixes.  

your go to fashion staple?

Definitely denim! Both jeans and chambray shirts. I’m also pretty neutral when it comes to colors, so I’m usually in some sort black/white/denim combo with a hint of animal print ;)