creatives of instagram with @blushshop

ladies, meet Michele- the talented and ultra stylish gal who owns the sweetest fashion shop just outside Toronto. Blush houses the perfect lines of carefully curated fashion and the shop itself is an interior delight. I was inspired the moment i found the blush shop instagram. Michele has a real talent for combining fashion, accessories and vignettes that tell a little story in each image she posts. There is this perfect element of showcasing all the things you may want adorning your closet with an artistic flare in every day musings. have a little read to learn more about michele and be sure to follow her here.  

Lets Talk Instagram

When did you snap your first instagram?

I stumbled across instagram a few years ago. I loved the idea of the app and being able to change the photo filters.. I really didn't know too much about it...except that it was fun. I think the first pic I posted was of my dog. 

What do you love most about the community?

 Instagram is constantly inspiring me.. so I love that about it. I have met some great people and connections through it and I love that everyone is so supportive with their comments! 

What inspires your images?

Usually my pics are inspired by cute outfits, fun props, pretty lighting and fresh flowers. Those few things just keep me going! 

How would you best describe your creative style?

My creative style..well.. I'm a virgo. I make lists..lots of lists.. and I like the details...all the details. I also have a side of me where I'm a little spontaneous.. and just run with an idea or decide one morning... I'm just going to do a window display or do a style shoot! I like to mix it up and have fun getting creative! 

Does Instagram act as a platform for your business or blog or is it just for fun?

Even though I started out using Instagram for fun.. it's definitely become a platform for my business. I am such a visual person.. so it's an excellent way to show Blush goodies & creating fun vignettes! 

Lets Talk About You.

Where do you live?

I live in Guelph.. an hour outside of Toronto with my husband, Sean and our fur babies. 

Favorite restaurant in your city?

I love to eat at the Delihi Bistro in Guelph. Such a quaint little spot with delicious food! 

Your favourite food?

My favourite food... probably Mexican.. I love good guacamole! 

What is your favourite sunday activity?

Sundays are my favourite day of the week. It's the one day I have away from the shop to do my own thing. I love when I am able to spend some time perusing the antique market! 

Your go to creative outlet?

I have so many favourite creative outlets ...but I would say my favourite and most addictive is Instagram! 

Favourite Trip?

South of France. 

Your biggest accomplishment?

I feel running my own business, Blush is definitely my biggest accomplishment. We've been in business almost 10 years! Whew! 

Morning or Night Person?

I can't sleep in! I am totally a morning person. I love to get up early and enjoy a full day ahead.

Your favourite music?

 I like all kinds of music. To be honest.. I do love a little Disco!  

Your go to fashion staple?

shoes.. I just can't pick one pair... I'm a shoe gal! I feel they can change up an outfit entirely!