making lists + organizing life

happy friday everyone! so truth be told, i have been feeling a little slow lately. not sure if this winding down of summer is making me feel a little lag or whats up, but i knew i needed to kick it in high gear.

what i love most about being at work is my ability to get really focused and i am a die hard list maker. i live for my little black book and my calendar and i am completely giddy when my email inbox says zero. i lost a little bit of that 'business' side to me while i have been off with the babe and i am bringing it back with a vengeance. today, i sat down after camp drop off and starting making my to do lists. i carved out time to build a family calendar that will keep us on track for programs in the fall, work and personal commitments. it was such a positive experience that left me feeling a little more in check of our daily affairs. with our nanny starting on Monday, my little mind feels a little less over occupied with how to make the transition smoother- i think we are off to a good start. 

have a fantastic weekend everyone, there are only a couple left before summer officially comes to an end! eeeeeeek.

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