when days remain

the last 48 hrs have been a new little world for us. with our nanny having joined us on monday, we are all adjusting to having help around home and of course the babe is warming her heart to this special person who will care for her as i return to work. i am already appreciating the little bits of cleaning, laundry and support our nanny has offered in her short time here. her efforts have allowed me to catch up on things i have not done for myself in a very long time. even more so, i see the tremendous value a new relationship will provide for the baby. she is a mamas girl and could snuggle in to my chest all day long. 

our summer was by no means stellar weather wise but i had heaps of time with the girls that makes me oh so grateful. as we all embark on this next little chapter, i am thanking my lucky stars for the help, support and friendships that make being a working mama the best life i could ask for!