navigating life

pardon the spotty posts these last couple of weeks. as you can imagine, things around here have been a movin' and a shakin'. not to mention an overall lack of inspiration i am feeling lately. in my desperate attempt to re-invigorate my creative side, i perused convoy and thought it never fails to remind me how simplicity can invigorate your ability to see things differently.

during this brief period of quiet indulgence, i thought a lot about this new phase of my life as a mom of two, career focused, passionate about writing and art and realized that the last week has made my purpose a little muddled. i have created a bit of a perfect storm in my own mind. feeling a bit lost like most moms do when someone comes in to their home to help them. i have never been one to take help easily, not because i don't want it but because i don't know how to accept it. its in no attempt to receive some golden medal for being the girl who works, cleans, takes care of the kids and all other aspects of life but rather it keeps my mind busy and has simply been all i know. 

our nanny has shown me this week that there are other people who have a genuine interest in helping me, who can love my children, look out for their well being and share a mutual interest in the organization of my home. knowing i have this help, one would assume that my time could be freed for blogging, catching up on sweet nothings for myself but instead, i felt a little paralyzed. i am finding a whole new meaning to learning everyday. sometimes they are little things that help us grow and in my case right now, its big. its change that i can see will shape a different way to navigate life.