you guys! its been radio silence on my end. we had a long weekend this past weekend which made for some extra family time and absolutely zero contribution to the blog. yesterday then felt like a monday and therefore i was feverishly tidying around the house and catching up on laundry. 

aside from the usual household routine and kids requiring ultra fun summer activity, i have been feeling a little creatively deprived this past week. kind of stuck in a rut really. its spilling over in to lack of invigoration around the house and i can barely put together an outfit or style my hair these days in a way that i like it. its obvious that i am completely over due for some solo shopping and beautifying to get this girl back to feeling herself again. i missed my workout class this week since it was cancelled for the holiday and i felt it. exercise is such a big part of feeling good for me and when its not there, it really impacts my mood. 

today, i am going to make a few appointments and get things back on track. i find making lists helps a bit. it keeps me accountable and pushes me to get things done when really all i want to do is have a nap. looking forward to getting back to regular posts and sharing the last 4 weeks of summer vacation with all of you.

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