good morning september

can you believe september is here? i woke with a feeling of contentment this morning while i peeked out the bedroom window. there was a little mist in the air, the weather is calling for rain and i immediately felt the comfort of fall upon us. i had this deep desire to curl up on the sofa with a hot cup of coffee and peruse my cook books for fall dinner inspiration. i did just that, i even went as far as to put on the movie Julie and Julia. likely the 20th time i have seen this film and i never tire of it. i am so inspired by Julia's european adventures and the passion a girl can have for food and blogging. although somewhat saddened by the thoughts of missing our weekly ice cream visits, my heart has always belonged to fall. we celebrate our wedding anniversary and the birth of our sweet girl while the leaves drop. i am a sucker for a good pumpkin patch, apple pie with sharp cheddar and cider. 

tomorrow, we are back to routine, timelines and the dog days of summer come to a close. for today, its baking, relaxing and enjoying time as a family. happy september sweet friends.