the epitome of modern comfort

if you are like me and have seen your taste evolve over time and transition from a more traditional feel to a simple, modern aesthetic then you have likely tried to find the perfect marriage for your current furnishings with your new. 

It was a bit of a struggle for me because I had invested in several pieces over the years that we had just simply grown out of. Before I made any big purchases, I forced myself to live with what I had so that I could get a true feel for what I wanted the end result of our home to be.

In doing so, I found myself purging more of the small things. I had accumulated several accessories over the years and it all felt like ‘stuff’ to me. I equally purchased almost nothing for the house in a year and a half. The result was a home that felt more streamlined, clean and still maintained a comfortable atmosphere. We by no means went as far as to strip back to a completely modern home but I think our balance right now works well.

It’s also what I loved about this space featured above. You can see the effort made to maintain an aesthetic that feels very simple but warm.

As we enter a new season, I am loving the layering of throws, and more texture to create that perfect marriage of modern meets comfort.

images via Domaine Home  

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