bare feet + off the shoulder tees

its no surprise, most people like to get comfy during the cooler months. sweater, scarves and sweet hats make their debut while people take crisp walks and warm up by the fire. my astrological sign is that of a Cancer. i'm a water baby born in the summer months which means my infinite love for a beachy, relaxed lifestyle is pretty evident. I do love to get dressed up and appreciate my time in the office which never lends itself too corporate but certainly a step up from some of my weekend wear.

although spontaneity is always fun, I am a true creature of habit. I love the comfort of home and my clothing dictates a true relaxed feel to it. almost every single evening I step foot through the door, I slither out of my work clothes and in to the comfort of sweats, tights and over sized t-shirts. my jewelry comes off, I rarely wear socks and prefer a fitted cami over a bra. a bit of a hippie at heart, I am really smitten with the fall season and all its comfortable fashion glory. a favorite line of mine is sundry. if you are looking for clothing that looks cute while being oh so cozy, this- is your brand!