It's only month 1. Whats all the fuss about?

January oh January. Does everyone have the same conflicting feelings I have about this first month of a new year? Clearly this inspiring, blank slate lends us an invigorating feeling and a fitting opportunity to push a reset button or start anew with an exciting venture. This, being the part about January that I love of course. I like seeing life in milestones. Setting goals and putting a more conscious effort behind a specific goal is so liberating. It feeds our personal passions. 

Then, we get half way through the month and the natural course of life starts to rear its (sometimes) ugly head. Routine sets in, challenges arise, the busy trap tries to strangle our ability to balance passion with necessity and let us not forget the pressure. The pressure to feel or seem to the rest of the world that you are off to this oh so fantastic start and you are doing it all at lightning speed and the collaborations are just flooding your inbox..blah blah blah. Well if you are oh so lucky, this may very well be the case for you. You may have stuck that dart right on the bulls eye the moment the clock struck midnight on January 1st. Or maybe you didn't. You didn't because your new 'thing' may take time, it may be really challenging, it may take a village of people to support you or it may be just for you and no one else.

I am horrendously impatient. When I set my mind to something, I want it to happen with a snap of a finger and don't forget to sprinkle the fairy dust on top to show my oh so glowing progress. The good news is, becoming a mom has helped me in this department. I understand patience much better than I ever did before and I appreciate the power in process and time. I succumbed to the pressure this weekend and confronted it head on. I built a plan capturing all the things I knew I wanted to accomplish this year and made some small steps towards my personal goals. I stopped, took a nap for the first time in ages and decided that January is month 1 of 12 in a full year of making all the magic you want, happen.