bits + pieces

Well I am pretty sure that we all just blinked and January was almost a thing of the past. It is around this time that I start to feel a little bit of resentment towards winter and try to find creative ways to get me through February and March blahs. 

Cue- changing things around home, cleaning and updating and little things like always having fresh flowers. I managed to tackle the office and rid ourselves of items that I just don't even know where they come from. I have taken on this task more times than I would care to admit but for as much as I love my hubby, he has serious trepedation over parting with things. I am building a really pretty gallery wall of black and whites that I will be sharing soon. It will essentially be one of the few things that will reside in our home office aside from the obvious desk, chair computer combo. I want this space clutter free and inspiring. 

Do you have a space at home that you love and feel inspired in? What made it that way for you. I would love to hear all about it.