its been a while

It has been three weeks since I sat down here to write and in that time, life has been moving awfully fast. So while Keith Richards documentary plays in the background and I savour a glass of red, I thought it was high time we got caught up around here.

While the kids have been back to their routine with school and nursery programs, I have been moving rather frantically in the background. Thankful for our kind and loving nanny who brings order to our chaos, I really can't imagine days where she doesn't work her magic.

We launched an incredible first workshop with Le Collectif. Danielle and I were insanely impressed with everyone's curations. It was inspiring to be in a room with young creatives who share a mutual love for their craft. I am equally grateful to all of our amazing partners who helped to bring all of this magic to life. Maman, Post Caligraphy, Hatchery, Penny Paper Co, Sweetwoodruff + Mur.  To see more on the workshop, be sure to check out the gallery here captured by the sweetest Trish Mennell. 

This weekend was our one and only with almost nothing planned. Next weekend we are hosting thanksgiving and then off to NYC the following weekend. Pausing for a moment in that thought, we cannot wait to get away just the two of us. No early morning wake up, two year old tantrums or just plain old parental responsibility. Thanking Nan for stepping in to save us on this one. 

We are still plugging away on the house. I think I have the exact plans firm for our kitchen renno. The project is bigger than this but I am really happy with the vision we have landed on here. 

 Modern Camper is going to see some new changes as I try to evolve the site and bring you some well curated content. 

In between work, mommy life and where we can find them, date nights with the hubs, I have caught up with girlfriends around the city and tried to stay consistent with fitness and healthy eating. There is a little work needed here though! I am going to try to completely eliminate sugar and keep up with running and yoga. Sadly, winter will be here before we know it so maximizing outdoor activity right now is high on the agenda.

Hoping for a much smaller gap in writing around here. Have a great week everyone!