the black wall debate

I have this mental tennis match every so often that has me flip flopping on a dramatic wall behind our bed. I love black but our home hasn't completely transitioned in to a modern scandinavian haven to completely justify it...yet! White floors feel like a must with that dark wall and that is next on the ever growing list of changes. I do however have an appetite for charcoal grey. My nerves start to get the best of me when it comes to bringing in any form of colour on the walls. I once painted our fireplace black which was dramatic and moody, then the moment summer time came around, I detested the darkness it brought to the space. Wallpaper and I only seem to have a two year life spac and taking it off the walls is one hell of a job. So, I may just have to ponder it a little longer but I am definitely getting closer to taking the plunge. 

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